Newborn Photo Editing Services

A caring parent, who wants a photos to look cute? any kind of newborn photo retouching. Professional retouchers will take care of baby red skin and objects removal, as well as correct colors to ensure your newborn images will look sweet.

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What’s Included with Baby Photo Retouching Services?

Check all types of Baby Photo Retouching Services!

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Baby Photo Retouching Services

Edit nose, eyes, and cheeks - from $ 2 per photo
Redness in the face of the newborn is a frequent problem, which requires professional editing. We will gently raise the cheeks and nose to make the baby look charming. We can improve the eyes, adjust the color, adjust the proportions, and remove the red-eye effect.

Skin smoothing and tone fixing - from $ 2 per photo
Baby skin often acquires red and blue tones in photoshoots. Our kid's photo rejuvenation services include high-end tone fixing and color correction to make the skin look healthier. We can smooth the skin by making any image look flawless.

Remove unwanted objects - from $ 2 per photo
If the photo contains different props that draw a child's attention, you can order the removal of the object on FixPhoto and our research can improve accordingly. We can remove bulk items as well as small objects.

Professional Baby Photo Retouching Services

If problems with white balance, saturation, contrast, exposure, vibration, shadow, or other color parameters and your baby photos look weird, contact our newborn photo reconstruction team.

Photo Manipulation and Styling - From $ 5 per photo Creative kids interested in photo editing should have our baby photo manipulation and stylization services. We can create themed compositions through Photoshop to draw fairy tale environments as well as enchant newborn images.

Background Editing - From $ 2 per photo Is the background of your newborn photo too dark? Or does it have no depth? We can correct colors, remove harsh shadows, and sharpen or obscure the background. Rituals can replace an original background with your actual needs.

We Work This Services for Your Photos

Check all types of Newborn Photo Editing Services

Clipping Path

Our Photoshop clipping path services are used to remove backgrounds or extract an object from a photo, in most cases a product. This technique eliminates distractions and guarantees quality by creating a crisp, clear image.

We’ve perfected the craft of the Photoshop pen tool, so we’re able to provide hand-carved multi clipping path services to meet the advanced needs of our clients.

Shadow Creation

Cutting objects from images is one thing, but creating realistic shadows and reflections is another.

Whether you’re an e-commerce entrepreneur or a professional photographer, you’ll likely need some assistance from the Clipping Path team to produce stunning photos and images to free up time and energy.

Photo Retouching

Does your near-perfect product photoshoot need some slight adjustments to complete the finishing touch? Our editing specialists are readily available to perform the quick touch-ups you’re looking for

They’ll fix imperfections and add enhancements, so every one of your photos looks exceptional online.

Background Removal

Forget about having to spend countless hours working on this tedious task.

No matter how complex the background is, Clipping Path Studio’s experts can save you the hassle and headache with our affordable background removal service, so you can work on more pressing matters.

Image Masking

Image masking is a multi-functional service that corrects specific elements of an image. This may involve heavily focusing on a distinct area, or adding small edits across different parts of the image.

In fashion photography, this often includes Photoshop hair fixing and flaw removal.

E-commerce Image Editing

Online businesses may require a specific kind of e-commerce image editing service. For example, there are unique image patterns for different sites, such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart, so it’s important to customize your images according to the required pattern to guarantee consistency.

High image quality is also necessary to meet the criteria and attract the right attention to a product.

Choose Your Right Editing Options

Get photo editing services at a cost-effective rate based on our quality of service. You customize your order as you need. *No hidden charge. We are open to discuss any of your demands. Enjoy!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Will I Send My Photos?

Initially for free trials, you can send pictures through our website. Later on, you can access your account to reach our unlimited web storage and drop the files for us to work with them.
Well, we do not have a specific working time because the shifts run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, anytime you need us, just knock us. Also, production is always ongoing.
Our payment policy is as simple as you like. After task completion or the end of the month, any of the ways you choose. We have several options such as PayPal, B2B, and several more methods.
Our usual turnaround time is 24 hours and we are open for rush service if required. We are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.
We are here to provide you the highest quality work and we are always open for revision. There will be no additional charge until you add any additional requirement.