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We pride ourselves as the premier provider of professional photo editing services. Since 2014, we have been delivering top-notch editing solutions to clients worldwide. Our services have reached over 20 countries and benefited more than 50 businesses.




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Clipp Asia International is a Big Company that Edits Pictures. We're based in Leesburg, Virginia, USA, and we also have offices in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Sharjah, UAE. For over 10 years, we've been offering Services like Removing Backgrounds from photos, editing images, making image clipping paths, creating white backgrounds, adding shadows and reflections, masking, adjusting colors, retouching, editing jewelry images, removing dust, editing product images, and resizing images for clients worldwide.

Clipp Asia is an online company in Bangladesh that specializes in editing photos using Adobe Photoshop. We're good at handling a large number of images. All the editing work we do is done manually by skilled editors.

We make sure to pay our employees well so they're happy and can do their best work for our clients.

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At a Glance Clipp Asia Journey

The Journey of Clipp Asia

Clipping Path Studio brings unprecedented speed, control, and quality to image post-production.



In December 2014, two determined entrepreneurs began their journey despite facing many challenges. With only two customers, they embarked on their first venture.

Idea to We Start


In January 2015, Clipping Path Expert was established. Over the next three years, the company operated under this name, serving clients in various countries with a team of five designers working from a small office.


In February 2018, the company expanded to target international clients and enhance its services. Ten employees were hired to manage official activities across different units in the newly acquired office space.


By June 2018, the company secured its first significant client, marking a milestone in its journey. This client provided regular work, contributing to the company's growth.


Change Our Company Name In 2019, the company underwent a rebranding, changing its name to "Clipp Asia International" to better reflect its global presence and aspirations.


Getting Client Good Reviews, Throughout 2019, the company received positive feedback from clients and expanded its range of services, aiming to meet their needs effectively.

2019 2023

Signed 50th Client! From 2019 to 2023, the company celebrated its 50th client, indicating a growing trust in its services. Additionally, the team expanded, with the hiring of the 60th employee by 2024. To accommodate this growth, the company relocated to a larger building, providing ample space for its operations and further expansion.

Our Team

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At Clipp Asia International, we prioritize both exceptional service delivery and the well-being of our employees. Our company is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities aimed at fostering productivity and creativity among our team members. We provide comprehensive training programs and access to cutting-edge technology to ensure our employees are equipped with the skills and resources necessary to excel in their roles. Additionally, we offer a range of benefits and perks to support the health, happiness, and professional development of our staff. From flexible work arrangements to competitive compensation packages and opportunities for advancement, we strive to create an environment where every employee feels valued and empowered to reach their full potential. At Clipp Asia, we understand that our employees are our greatest asset, and we are committed to investing in their success and well-being

Eng. Forhad Hossen

Founder & CEO

Ibrahim Hossain

Director & CEO


At Clipp Asia International, we prioritize corporate citizenship, recognizing the importance of Labor Rights, Social Responsibility, and Environmental Sustainability. We ensure our employees receive fair compensation and benefits, including competitive salaries, festival bonuses, provident funds, overtime pay, and standard vacation allowances. Additionally, we are committed to community improvement through initiatives such as cleaning programs, intern facilities, annual refreshment tours, and frequent pizza parties. Through these efforts, we strive to contribute positively to society, the economy, and the environment.

I never have to worry, they are just so incredible! My business literally would not have been surviving without their work and quick turn around time.

Hudi Greenberger

Product Photographer, New Jersey, USA