Are you an apprentice looking for a wide range of wedding photography tips?

Check out these short but useful tips for wedding photography to become the top wedding shooter in your area.

How to take a wedding photo: The reason why wedding photos can be taken is that it connects all the genres together. Ready to take portraits, still life, action, occasional travel and landscapes, even crazy underwater images. These tips will help you manage everything and bring stunning results.


1. Put a shot list together

Every photographer has a set of poses for successful wedding photography but always ask your clients if they have their own idea of ​​how they want to be photographed.

If the couple wants to have unique pictures with some guests, you must know about it and understand how to organize everything in the best way possible. Think about all the details that deserve to be captured and write down your wedding roundup photos.


2) Find a wedding family photo coordinator

The most stressful part of the photo shoot is the family photo. People are running around, you’re not familiar with anyone, visitors are often in an ‘enthusiastic spirit’ encouraged by some drink, for outsiders it looks like a mess.

Ask the couple to name a responsible person on each side, who will help you organize a happy crowd for a fun shot. This works great because couples can enjoy their celebration and get more acquainted with the rest of the people invited.


3. Scout before the position

If this is not familiar to you, go ahead and try to plan the lighting and background dress, rings, the newlyweds separately and with their family members to benefit.

Perfect if you do your investigation a few days before the event with a calm mind and plenty of time. Check out these 8 best places for destination weddings.


4. Get to know your gear inside

Check out the wedding photography camera settings before the event, the modes available for study and testing. Make sure all options and functions work properly.


5. Always keep a back-up camera

If buying new is very expensive you can buy a lower camera model or rent a camera body. It may seem that you are really wasting a large portion of your profits unnecessarily.


6. Change the lens during the wedding shooting

The biggest section of any wedding photography guide is on natural and real sensitive shots. Noticing that the bride looks strong and uncomfortable in front of the camera, switch to a longer lens (about 200mm) to move a little farther.

They will feel instant relief and behave normally in fear of your organization. Excessive harvesting is nothing compared to working with fake smiles.


7. Assign an assistant

One of the great differences between professional and amateur wedding photography is the ability to hire an assistant to decorate, test, or even shoot something behind your back.


Collaborate with a coworker so he or she can help your clients and you do the same with them; a great way to share experiences.


8. Get to know the couple

The key to the best wedding photoshoot is to get to know the future bride. Make some questions for them, the answers can inspire you for some shots or photo-stories.


9. Set expectations

One of the most important wedding photography tips is to determine exactly what your clients want. Show them examples from your portfolio, what specific moments should be fully covered, the number of images they expect, how images should be delivered (not printed) Show all the technical aspects and take the time to settle the total price.


10. Prepare documents

Remember that you need a suitable wedding photography contract. It must include any photography for the wedding services, what is expected from both parties, details of fees, contracts, and payments. If there is a serious dispute, everything can be resolved with the help of a lawyer.


11. Learn the wedding ceremony program

How to photograph a wedding in a different culture To make sure that the important symbols and customs that you have used are no different than the ones you have used Where you schedule major events and plan your work accordingly.


12. Schedule the day

Ask couples about the most significant and sweet moments of their wedding, which should not be missed. They will probably want to toss a picture or bouquet of the first dance and you have to be ready to capture this moment.


13. Shooting Engagement Session

Many couples do not actually request this service, so encourage them. It doesn't help you figure out how to make a wedding happen, but rather introduces the couple to the details of such a shooting.


Getting a chance to understand each other before the wedding day becomes smooth in photography.


14. Turn off the sound on your camera

The smallest but most relevant tip is to stop any sound because all beeps after the vows and steal from the moment of the first kiss.


15. Use a tripod

Numerous wedding photography tips and techniques involve a tripod. It lets you shape the group shot with your own hands, tinker-free for lights and accessories. Also, in different shooting situations, you will be grateful for the extra stability that comes with the subtle details.


16. Detailed capture


The newlyweds spend time decorating the small elements of the festival rint Of course the wedding ring photographs demand different attention, but the corsets, flowers, shoes, jewelry, and special short details that are unique to the occasion.



17. Choose comfortable clothing

Don't know what a photographer has to wear for a wedding? You have to choose your dress according to the style of the wedding.


In fact, there is no perfect outfit for this kind of event. All you have to do is choose something clean and comfortable.


Prefer neutral colors and loose fit. Usually, a photographer has to work several hours from dawn to dusk, so remember to keep some warm clothes.



18. Capture first


The only job of wedding day photography is to preserve those subtle moments like kisses, dances, looks, etc. The problem is that these moments are very fleeting and if you are not fully alert and ready they will not be able to pass the block.


Professionals always discuss this important moment with the couple and when it happens along the way.


19. Shoot the reaction


Anyone in the crowd is publicly reacting to the gentle conduct of the ceremony? This kind of warm passion is also a treasure for the bride.


Get the assistant's lens by focusing on the viewer and capture these kinds of reactions while you're busy with the couple.



20. Get to know the guests


In the case of a big wedding, all kinds of people from close relatives to important colleagues or friendly neighbors can take part in it. See the names of the invitees, identify the people associated with the bride, learn their names to communicate, and make beautiful portraits.


21. Be brave but do not be hindered

Being too bold will deprive you of interesting opportunities and shots so be determined but plan ahead. Predict the exact location when conducting important events so you don't miss them and disappear from guests.


For me, the best way to photograph a wedding is to change 4-5 positions during the ceremony and use moments like singing or reading to change the location.


22. Set the correct lighting

Practice indoor wedding photography without flash because it is forbidden to use it in certain churches. If this is allowed, consider how lighting can help you.


Keep in mind that a flash from a colorful church interior will color the image, so in many cases, a flash radiator can work better.


23. Shoot RAW

When arranging the shooting of wedding photography, consider the difference between GPEG and PNG. The RAW format makes it more prudent to edit photos, especially since you can't change the lights during the wedding. GPEG is better for quick photos. I suggest the last format for wedding photoshoots.



24. Use a general background

Remember, you need to concentrate on the couple and choose some simple things rather get cool shots. Very colorful backdrops will distract attention and you will have to spend a lot of time on editing.


25. Try to get a proper exposure

A huge discussion always revolves around wedding photography exposure tips because as much as there is white in the photo, things like the bride’s dress make it even tougher.


If you choose the moderate exposure value, the photo looks too dark, so it can be corrected with little positive compensation.


It has to be really small because highlights are harder to restore than shadows when you start editing the image. My way is to peek at the screen to see the exposure I am setting.


26. Test with shooting angle


A light tilt can add dynamism to an image. There are no strictly horizontal or vertical photography rules. Experiment, turn horizontal and vertical lines diagonally, this will reflect your images. Keep it limited, just a few odd-angle shots are enough.


27. Take beautiful group shots

Every wedding guest is interested in getting professional shots with brides, so most wedding photography tips are related to taking group shots.


Work with a partner to organize people and group them. If someone on the small camera screen tightens an eyelid or a weird face, don’t touch it to take multiple shots of each group.



28. Use the wireless radio trigger


All the wedding photography tips I regularly tell you about are to make everything organized and highly efficient. If you start flirting with your flashbacks or wasting time selecting settings and losing interesting wedding moments, use technology like radio triggers for more efficiency.


29. Bring enough battery and SD card

Batteries and SD cards play an important role in overall success when it comes to wedding photography. Very few shooters like to deal with these questions. It's easy to determine how much you need in terms of batteries.


In the case of SD cards, you want to select quality over quantity. No need to buy many cards. Investing in several good 128GB storage cards would be your best decision


30. Don’t forget battery grips

One of the most suitable variants is Promaster Grips. Although this item costs less than its equivalent, it has the same options and features.



31. Look for laughter


These are some unique and unplanned moments. For example, a smile from the corner, children playing around, or any other similar moment. You need to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Believe me, the couple can definitely like this shot.


32. Stay close to the bride


The wedding day passes quickly so it is important not to waste a single minute. Most wedding photography tips suggest you stay with the bride at all times.


In this case, you are so easy to forget that do not miss any opportunity to capture the real emotion. Such a shot would be a great reminder.


33. Take pictures of the bride alone


Most women dream of becoming brides. They wait for the wedding ceremony and want to make it perfect. The bride has to look her best during this time, because of posterity more than anything else. So, it is very important to take some pictures with the bride


34. Unexpected hope

Every couple is eager to get a perfect wedding day. But it could be something wrong. The best guy can lose the ring for a moment, it could start suddenly or something else.


Of course, the bride and groom will suffer because of these unexpected things. But they create special memories.


35. Photograph male


Shooting men are different from taking pictures of women. Men want to look cool, strong, tall, and tough. Of course, a lot can be done with the right lens and photography perspective.


For example, a large focal length lens makes the larger nose look smaller. There are two important things you should pay attention to when shooting men. These are the 'V' frame and the javelin.


The ‘V’ frame means wide shoulders and a small waist. As Kaolin, it should be defined as angular and maximum masculinity. These can be controlled by considering the position and angles of the camera.


36. Build faith

Communication is very important when taking photographs of all genres of wedding and wedding photography. Your main task is to build trusting relationships so that the models feel comfortable.


It is advisable to start with simple images and move on to more complex shots as the shoot progresses. Remember the is's visual instructions.


Don’t use complicated photographic phrases and explain everything in the model in a simple, clear way. In this case, they will not feel confused but they will be more confident about their work.



37. Kids can be golden


Allow young guests to do whatever they want. They are not ready to be serious even on such a responsible day.


Yes or lots of dancing at their wedding. This is very significant, especially if the children are included in the couple. Both the bride and groom will love these pictures.


38. Take a camera bag

A functional camera bag is a must for any approval, any program promotion for the best camera bags see this guide and choose one for your wedding photoshoot.


39. Save yourself and your equipment

You can read about many wedding photography tips related to insurance. This will be beneficial for you as a shooter.


The wedding may be canceled due to bad weather or the lens may be damaged by some guests. Insurance will help you deal with such situations and you will be able to do more.


40. Bring a ladder or step stool

Fearless photographers can do their work from different places and heights because some shots are perfect only when you are a little more. You don’t have to take risks; A simple stool with very high stairs or several steps is enough.


41. Keep an eye out for small, unexpected moments

Be sure to capture unexpected moments. When the bride sees the shots where she is sharing a special moment with a husband or parents, a smile will appear on her face.


42. Don’t forget the camera cleaning kit

Make sure you always have a lens cleaning kit on hand for wedding day photography. This tool will help keep all significant parts of the camera clean.


As a rule, this includes a lens brush, cleaner bottle, air blower, lens cleaning pen, lens cleaning cloth, and cleaning sheet.


43. See, but do not see

Keep an eye on the groom as the bride descends from the aisle. This way, when the guy sees the bride for the first time, you will be able to capture all her sweet reactions. Remember to stay out of the way during the ceremony so that all guests can see the couple well.


44. Pack breakfast and water

No wonder the wedding days can be quite long and tiring. You can only eat at dinner time. So a lunch box with water is a must.


Prefer protein-rich foods to have enough energy to show off countless to take any photography for a wedding. Among the best options are chocolate, peanuts, oranges, and pretzels.


45. Props or any props that question


Using props can make wedding photos more creative. All these blank photo frames, ring boxes, and other similar things will add a special look to ordinary pictures. To avoid unnecessary things you will better discuss the question of possible props with a couple.



46. ​​Shoot the landscape in the scene before the event


Men and women choose a particular place because it appeals to them. So, you’ll want to take some great shots from this before the show starts. These photos would be a great addition to a wedding album.


Even small things will help you to know the general mood and atmosphere of the event. Also, you can share some pictures with the venue owner and get some referrals!


47. First shot


Each wedding photography guide describes the best time to shoot any couple accessories and details before the dressing process.


Just then, everything is unspoken and has a perfect look. To save time, ask the couple to keep all the important details in one place before your arrival.


48. More shots outside

Natural light is a great advantage for both professional and amateur wedding photography. Get used to it and shoot more outdoors. The best way to showcase the area in addition to just a house with guests.


The natural light is great and it adds a pleasing warm tone to the picture. First, think about the best places outside where the lighting conditions are suitable for shooting.


49. Mind black and white photos


B&W photos have something special about them, which is why they can never lose popularity. Very often, early wedding photography packages include such a service. Initially, you need to find out the preferences of the clients and then display the pictures with a nice color scheme.


50. Use a reflector

The best camera settings for a wedding ceremony with images will provide incredible results. Images are not very expensive and can add some dramatic effect to images. As a rule, they come back stronger and point to the light of the scene. They will help you play it to add full light and take interesting shots.