Background removal services help beginner and professional photographers, online retailers, business owners, e-commerce, or fashion magazines in batch removing, replacing, and correcting the background. The services reviewed here claim to make your product look professional and suitable for sale or advertising.

We sent the same photograph of the model showing the women's tracksuit to 12 different popular background removal services. As a result, we selected 5 companies that have a nice price-quality ratio. Price, quality, following your requirements, responsiveness, and turnaround are the main aspects that we took into account.

Sometimes when you compose a post and copy some material from other websites or even from Office Word the white background is copied along with the text as background. Due to this, the background of the post appears white. So how to get rid of this annoying white background in blogger posts? But before I tell you the solution to avoid such problems in the future you can compose your text in Notebook and then copy it rather than using Office. Ok now to remove the white background of already posted text follow these steps.

1. Go to edit your post

2. There you will find two options in the upper left corner Compose and HTML

3. Click HTML

4. Now press control F and search for <span >

style="background-color: white;"

6. So it turns to be <span>only and save