Photo Background Removal Services | Background Removing from Images

Photo Background Removal Services | Background Removing from Images
28 Mar

Background removal services remove or remove unwanted objects and image backgrounds.

Are you a photographer, or an e-commerce business owner?

Then need a professional background remover to skip or replace the background of the image?

Often you have a photo with a perfect subject in a substandard environment. Or sometimes you have a great photo of a product that confuses the scene and other objects. - Fix it now

Clip Asia is a world-renowned wallpaper removal service provider. Use both manual and hand-drawn clipping paths and photo masking to remove the background. Plus, make it white or transparent, dust, create shadows, crop, and resize your images.

image Background removal services using clipping paths and Photoshop masking

Background removal is the process of knocking out backgrounds and deep itchy images using Photoshop. We use clipping paths and Photoshop image masking for the best service. Both clipping paths and Photoshop remove the background. However, they shine in different types of photos. The method and the result are not one. The main difference is the way the photos are cut. Sometimes a portrait or eCommerce product image requires both techniques.

Remove background with clipping path

For images with hard or sharp edges, we'll use the Photoshop Pen tool to create a clipping path. In Clip Asia all graphic editors are very careful to make room. For example, if you accidentally create a clipping path, the result will not be perfect. It seems unnatural.

Remove backgrounds using Photoshop masking

The Photoshop masking technique is effective for fashion and portrait photos. It has hairy, soft, or fuzzy edges, hairy and small details where clipping paths are inadequate. This can be achieved using the magic or background eraser and color separation of M Photoshop. In addition to Photoshop masking, alpha channel or layer masking is used to remove complex backgrounds.

Remove image backgrounds to enhance the beauty.

Removing the background means removing unwanted items from any content. This is comparable to photo editing services. It removes any unwanted items from its BG. Photo background removal tools enhance the look of the photo. Sometimes a photo contains unwanted things that we don't want to show. Imagine this kind of object instantly from the product. This upsets potential buyers. Thus, it hinders the growth of the e-commerce business. Removing the background from the photo service removes these unwanted items.

Background removal service for the eCommerce product industry.

Professional e-commerce product images increase sales on online platforms like Amazon, and eBay. People nowadays do not go to buy products physically. They usually rely on eCommerce because it is more convenient. They buy what they see, and judge with visuals. Background removal also plays an important role in making digital e-commerce strategies more attractive. Images promote a product or service in e-commerce. Even pure white backgrounds with products are quite popular nowadays.

Create white backgrounds for eCommerce product images

White is a natural background color. The process is straightforward. First, the subject is selected using a clipping path or Photoshop mask. The background will then be removed and replaced.

The world's top eCommerce sites, including Amazon, recommend whitewashing eBay as a primary backdrop. There are several benefits to creating a white background:

Host natural brightness

Product Focus

Color purity


Sales have increased! And more.

A few more BG colors like black and gray are popular. The only other natural background color option is on the back. Items in black are often luxurious. On the other hand, we also remove the best white background.

Why choose our wallpaper removal services?

In the age of eCommerce shopping, websites use a lot of images for product catalogs and it needs some changes. There is a great lack of this background removal or knockout strategy. If you are selling things online on eBay, Amazon, Bogus, or Google Shopping, you need to remove your photo BG from your product photos because these sites do not allow camera raw images.

Thus, there will be a delay in submitting your product image for listing. Nor is it professional.

So the background needs to change. You need to whiten your background, create shadows, and adjust the color of the image. And it gives viewers an accurate picture of the product.

Searches, as well as statistics, have shown that product images are saved without interruption. This converts more viewers into buyers!

Meet the image requirements for e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Bogus, Estee, eBay, or anything else.

Fix the focus of the subject image on the confusing BG.

Please display detailed images to increase sales.

Present model images in magazines or websites

Create a unique BG with multiple images for web stores or product catalogs

Thus, removing the image background is not only an editing method but more importantly, it helps increase sales.

How can background removal help other Photoshop services?

Clipping path, deep etching, photoshop masking, and background knockout services are the same. Our retouchers are ready to suggest the most useful functions for your product image. Take advantage of the complexity of the work and distribute your edits exactly how you want. We are happy to adapt our services to your project requirements! We offer photo masking, photo retouching, clipping paths, clipping masks, image manipulation, image editing, photo recovery, raster to vector, color correction, deep etching, and various other exclusive photo editing services.

Let us know what to do with your images