28 Mar

Newburn photography is light

Want to know some of the newborn photography techniques that help you get safe and amazing results for your baby model? You never know when a newborn will want to eat or sleep, so you should be quick and prepare a light setup for newborn photography.

Newborn Photography Lighting Techniques

Check out these lighting technologies and their problems to set the desired lighting easily and accurately.

Rembrandt lighting

This lighting fixture for newborn photography is a 90-degree angle light of the newborn?s face. I usually use it when I take pictures from above. As a result, one side of the face is fully illuminated and the other - partially, partially shaded cheeks form a triangle when illuminated.

If you want to see how this effect will look in reality, you can always look at Rembrandt's works to get some inspiration and aesthetic satisfaction.


This type of lighting involves standing against the light and taking a picture from the shadow to the light. You will get a beautiful cream illumination that highlights the tiny details of the body - the small lips and small fingers.

Soft light

For this effect of illumination, you will need an umbrella and a light source. An umbrella is a structure where the silver or transparent white and reflective sides are connected to each other at the end of the stem. If the umbrella gives you a chance to remove the black color, the white reflective side creates a landscape effect.

Broad light

Broad neutral photography illuminates a large part of the lighting subject. This happens when the object moves away from the light. You can see this effect in the picture above: Since the child's face is slightly turned to the left and the light is also set to the left, most faces are illuminated. The right side of the face is somewhat shady and defined.

You need reflection to balance your light well without damaging the baby's eyes. There are many colors in this kit but I recommend using transparent to reduce the sun when it becomes very sunny and white as a reflection of flash / Speedlight for the studio.

Short light

If a large part of the object in the picture is in the shadow, it is a brief representation of the newborn's light. It is also a brief light when most of the face is away from the light source and it is in the shadows. When the baby's face is removed from the light and in most cases shaded, the face is illuminated.

If you want to get an all-in-one kit for professional newborn photography, choose this bundle with the pocket flash kit, strobe flash, wireless remote control and trigger, Speedlight flash head, grid and colored gel with kernel door, etc.

Newborn photography lighting in the room

So, we?re going through the types of neonatal photography studio lighting, but what if you need a neonatal shoot at home? Here?s a guide on how to arrange a photoshoot inside with a simple natural light setup.

Look for the sun

You know that decent natural light is a guarantee of successful photos. So, find out where the sun is. Consider where it goes and be prepared to change the location slightly during the shooting process.

You can use special applications to detect the movements of the sun and angels more clearly. The app I use is Sun Seeker. Using this app, you can also create stem plans that include the best times and conditions of the sun, the time of sunrise and sunset, the movement of the sun, and the directions.

Make sure your home is fairly neutral

Take care of the interior of the house while taking pictures of the newborn at home. Colors should not be too clear as they can create an unwanted effect and throw over the object.

Pay attention to what you wear, especially when you move close to the object while taking pictures. Wear neutral-colored clothing and if possible choose a house with white, beige, or tan walls. These techniques will make your further image editing work easier.

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