Jewelry background is best for your rings, earrings, or bracelets etc

Jewelry background is best for your rings, earrings, or bracelets etc
28 Mar

Jewelry background

Can't decide which jewelry background is best for your rings, earrings, or bracelets, check out these 15 classic and creative jewelry backgrounds that you can use in advertising or for online shops.

15 Successful Jewelry Backgrounds

Choosing a background for jewelry photography, you should consider some specific shortcomings. Each type of jewelry needs a special background so that it does not obscure anything

1. Use Classical White Background

A white background is one of the most popular in product photography which allows the viewer to concentrate on the main details of the item. It doesn?t get your attention.

Personally, I use this jewelry background when I shoot rings and earrings made of different metals. This is a great option for online stores as well as personal pages on blogs or social networks.

The only drawback is that the background and the ornament itself are difficult to remove unwanted shadows.

I recommend using permanent natural light and reflection (not camera flash) from the window. This way, the object will be evenly illuminated and the background will not be damaged.

If you use an artificial light source, the best combination is when a flash with an umbrella is set in a light gap, the second is operated on a white background, while the third flash is an item located at a 45-degree rear angle (the item returns to add volume). Get light).

2. The black background of Modi's photos

The background of black jewelry is ideal for jewelry with colored precious stones as well as transparent inserts (brilliants, finite). It creates a subtle but dramatic look while maintaining neutrality.

Perhaps, you have already noticed that many black backgrounds are related to luxury objects. Additionally, it is easier to remove unnecessary clutter and errors. The best material to create this kind of background for pictures of jewelry is black organic glass.

You only need two flashes to shoot the background of the ideal black jewelry. If you want to avoid glare, keep in mind that the distance between the product and the background (it should be black or at least dark) should not be less than 0.5 meters.

If you have 1m, that's fine. Otherwise, the light from the flash will illuminate the background.

3. Alternate gray background

Gray jewelry backgrounds as an alternative to black and white have recently become popular in online stores. It can present any type of jewelry neutrally and beautifully.

It highlights the issue without disturbing the audience. What's more, this look is suitable for almost all jewelry, including bright stones. This is an ideal background for banners.

If you want to get a gray background for pictures of jewelry, use the light decoration first, but keep in mind that in this case there is no need to illuminate the back.

Remove unnecessary shades, clean jewelry, and enhance colors using basic lightroom settings or presets to create a more impressive look.

4. Original gradient background

The gradient perfectly highlights the jewelry to make the background more original and attractive. The key rule here is to mark the light part of the background to draw more attention to the item.

You can use extra color but make sure that the color that is more attractive than the jewelry involved is not involved. For example, if the jewelry is decorated with blue stones, the background color should be light.

5. Gold background for expensive jewelry

The background of gold jewelry is not popular in jewelry photography but at the same time, it appears in other single images and attracts the attention of the viewer.

I recommend using this background when shooting expensive jewelry with large stones of different colors. However, the background should still be lighter than the object to achieve image contrast.

6. Br. Color lines for bright images

If you need a photo of bright jewelry, use a background of colorful contrast lines from your main object. Keep in mind that this background is perfect for shooting jewelry sets.

7. Bo. Use Bokeh as your background

The background of colorful jewelry makes the image more detailed and attracts the attention of the viewer. Using such a background, the photo becomes brighter and more contrasting. It is suitable for small ornaments without precious stones.

8. Use natural backgrounds

To get more original pictures, you can use natural textures. For example, large green leaves or bright flowers. Background images of such jewelry are suitable for personal blogs and social network sites.

They will absolutely attract the attention of the audience. Additionally, these backgrounds work with any type of jewelry.

9. Use glitter in the background

This background has been targeted for teen jewelry images. It is stylish and does not distract attention from the originally made jewelry.

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