The image masking service is basically for removing fur or hair from the image of a product or model. This is an alternative to the image clipping service which helps to remove the background in this way. This is a highly criticized image editing technique that has been completely done by us.

Thus the photo Masking Service comes up to do this type of work more accurately and perfectly. Image Masking is the best procedure to cut an image from its background without changing its shape. This background removing process is so critical and in these types of image editing, a clipping path cannot be applied to remove the background. We have a dedicated and skilled designer for Photoshop masking service and they have done this work with the highest level of expertise.


Types of Image Masking Service:


1. Photoshop Layer Masking

2. Alpha Channel Masking

3. Fur and Hair Masking

4. Refine Edge Masking

5. Transparent object masking

6. Translucent Object Masking

7. Object Masking

8.Color Masking


In this service, we select the entire hairy, foggy, or blurry region and apply our image masking service. We do alpha layer masking according to each client’s requirements so that there is an extra layer of masking that can be replaced in any background for future use. Pretty cool, isn't it? As a very popular and widely used software for editing Adobe Photoshop graphics, we use its paid version to get flawless performance. There will be no shortage of quality of our image masking services.

There are many ways to mask images like channel masking, knock-out masking, extract masking, fine edge masking, etc. We first categorize the images we get from our clients.

We then analyze and decide which type of image masking service can be applied. No worries, we have the skills to do this and can apply the right kind of image masking for your images. However, you can check out the details about our image masking method in this blog where you can learn and teach how to do image masking. This is about our image masking service.