Free Cut Out The Background or Free Image Background Remove Services

Free Cut Out The Background or Free Image Background Remove Services
28 Mar

Remove Image Background 100% Automatically and Free

Remove backgrounds 100% automatically in 5 seconds with zero clicks. There are approximately 20 million more interesting activities than removing backgrounds by hand.

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Meet 10 options to remove the background from an image

You can remove the background from an image using online tools like LunaPic, Online Image Editor, Clipping Magic, Apowersoft, and many others. Within them, there are free, limited, and paid options (which usually offer more functions). All of them are easy to use and do not require installation.

Do you want to change the background of an image to post on social networks? Remove elements to create an ad for your brand. Or, who knows, print a white background to have a perfect product photo for your e-commerce.

Well, there are various reasons for removing background from images. This is even one of the most common tasks in the routine of design professionals who need to prepare pieces for Digital Marketing.

The thing is, using very complex software like Photoshop, or hiring professionals to perform simple actions like removing the background is not very practical. The good news is that there are several online solutions focused on this need that can help you, even if you're the type who doesn't understand anything about editing.

We searched the Internet for these tools and selected the 10 most interesting so that you can get to know them and start using them right now.


The first item on our list is LunaPic, an online platform for photo editing and small animations. Although its functions are quite extensive, it offers the feature that we are looking for here, which is to remove the background from the images.

To start using this tool, just access the website and choose one of the options. You can upload an image by clicking " Upload " or by entering a URL (if the file is hosted on your website, for example) and then clicking " Go ."

The function you are looking for is in the ? Edit ? menu, in the ? Transparent background? option. After clicking on it, simply choose the background color so that all elements of that shade disappear and this area becomes transparent.

LunaPic offers extensions for Chrome and Opera browsers, making it easy to access the tool with just one click.


If you prefer a specific tool, you should try RemoveBG which, as its name says, was specially developed to remove the background from images.

As in the previous service, here you can choose to upload a file or insert a URL directly on the home page of the website. Once the image is uploaded, the process is automatic and you can download it later.

RemoveBG has a great advantage for those who are not very familiar with English. Unlike most platforms of this type, it is very well translated into Spanish.

The downside is that it is not completely free. The tool uses a credit system to unlock features, including background removal, and only the former is free. To get more, you need to subscribe to one of the subscription plans.

3. OIE

Online Images Editor is a platform with basic image editing features, including background removal. The result is satisfactory and it is possible to change the size of the final file, if necessary.

This tool is not the most suitable for editing highly detailed images, since its precision is not the best. However, it does a good job of removing object backgrounds and simple graphics for websites and e-commerce.

The biggest advantage of this service is that it is completely free, one of the few on our list that does not offer any limitations. So, if what you need is a basic edition for a specific job, this is the most advantageous option.

4. Photo Eraser

Another tool focused on removing image backgrounds is Background Eraser (originally Background Remover) ? couldn't be more straightforward, right?

A service is a tool available on the online photo-editing platform Fotor, which also has apps for drawing and collage-making.

The purpose of the site is to offer a solution that gets straight to the point. By clicking " Start ", you can upload the file and then remove (make transparent) or erase (leave blank) the background. The result is available in the browser itself. Just copy and paste the file wherever you want.

As with the other solutions, there are limitations on the free plan and the platform encourages the purchase of paid plans. Another drawback is that the translation of the site into Spanish is not very accurate, probably carried out with automatic translators.

5. Auto Clipping

Auto Clipping stands out from its competitors for offering an extremely fast solution to the objective proposed here. The secret of the service is that its developers have automated even the smallest tasks like download clicks and drags to save users' time and energy as much as possible.

How does it work? Simple! You just have to upload the file (click " Upload ", select the background and you're done). The site does everything itself - removes and delivers the newly prepared image.

Despite this ?hurried? proposal, the tool offers some correction and editing options at the end of the process so that you can touch up or improve background removal and have a perfect result.

This option isn't the best available, especially for highly detailed images, but it works well for simpler photos. One of its advantages is the clean interface and no subscription offers.

6. pixel

Pixel is a very complete online photo editing platform with a very intuitive proposal for use. Among the available tools, there is an image background remover, but you can also access the complete panel with everything that the service offers.

With Pixlr, you have the option of manually erasing certain areas of the image or removing the background entirely. The precision of the crops is not as refined as with other tools, but even so, the result is of good quality when working with simpler photos.

To use Pixlr's advanced editing modes, you must subscribe to one of the paid plans. Also, one of the negative aspects of the platform is the translation into Spanish. It's a bit messy or broken in many areas, but nothing that significantly affects usability.

7. Clipping Magic

Clipping Magic's difference, according to its creators, lies in the technology of its software that uses Artificial Intelligence to improve the detection of image backgrounds and improve other resources offered by the tool.

Something to highlight about this service is that it offers very specific functions for photo editings, such as the stylus for precise cuts and the "hair" function, which improves background removal in this and other highly detailed areas.

Like RemoveBG, Clipping Magic uses a credit system to release final files. The difference here is that the company that owns it does not provide any free credit. That is, without contracting a plan, the edited images will have a watermark.

8. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

For anyone looking to test Photoshop's quality, it's worth checking out Adobe Creative Cloud Express, an online design app similar to Canvas. This tool is nothing more than the evolution of Adobe Spark and now has many more features.

The purpose of the platform, which also has a mobile app, is to offer a light version of the best tools available in the company's large toolbox, the powerful Adobe Creative Cloud.

The service does a lot more than remove backgrounds from images, right? In addition, its editing functions ensure high-quality results. It is, therefore, an option for those who want to do a more professional job.

You can try the platform for free, but you will need to purchase a plan to enjoy all its features. Although it is quite crowded, the tool is very simple to use.

9. Apowersoft

Before finishing our list we will give you two last very valuable alternatives, in this case, we present you Apowersoft, another complete service that offers both image background removal and other professional quality editing features.

The platform, which is also powered by Artificial Intelligence, has specific resources for each type of image: people, objects, products, or graphics.

The background removal process is automatic, but you can make adjustments to the final image to correct details the system may have missed. The file can be downloaded in high resolution, making it viable for any purpose on the web.

Of course, the software is not completely free. You can download up to three photos from the website to test the service. To get more files, you will need to pay for the edited images.


PicWish is a professional site to remove backgrounds from images automatically and for free, without the need to hire any plan or subscription. After uploading the image, it will automatically process the image so that you can download the image with transparent background for free.

PicWish does not damage the original image resolution after background removal. In addition, it offers another free and useful feature to improve quality if you have low-quality photos.

This tool works well even on mobile phones and tablets through an app.

Our list ends here and in it, we present 10 online options of applications to remove background from images quite easily.

As you can see, there are solutions for all kinds of users, from those who need a quick and practical tool for the moment, to those who are looking for more professional resources.

All of them, however, is very simple to use and are essential for the production of content on the Internet.

Let us know what to do with your images