28 Mar

Clothed Photography Guide

Tired of creating costume photography that doesn?t attract any customers? Want to take professional costume photography for fashionable brands? In this article, I will cover all the things you need to know about shooting clothes, including quick image editing, preparation, gear, camera settings, etc.

30 Clothing Photography Tips

Many photographers believe that learning to photograph clothes is not as complicated as jewelry photography or other types of product photography. They are wrong. Having ample experience in fabric photography, I have been able to collect 30 essential tips for producing and advertising stunning clothing photographs as do eCommerce.

Tip 1. Rent a model

If you get a chance to rent a model, you should do it. They can take different poses to choose the most flattering angles to display your product. In addition, you will find great examples of lifestyle photography of your clothing items to post on social networks or show in online stores.

Tip 2. Use a Manquin

When you are unable to rent a model, use thin and ghostly old photography techniques. They are cheap and do not require extra effort to work with them. Also, you can gain some experience while taking pictures of the costumes on the puppets and retrieve the shots as many times as you want. I suggest taking pictures of the fabric on models or older ones to show how the item fits with the body and its size.


Lady Manekin

Wood support with stainless tubes provides extra integrity for heavy garments. The mannequin is covered with a soft stretch-cotton jersey and is perfect for costume photography.

Tip 3. Provide multiple images

If you provide clients with only one or two pictures of the product, they will not be able to see all the details and materials in detail. For costume photography, it is essential to take three norms from five to ten pictures of an item. Capture front, back, and side views of your outfit. Also, don?t forget to pay attention to the important elements like zippers, buttons, patterns, or logos that set this particular product apart from others.

Tip 4. Try photography of flat-layer clothing

Flat lay or tabletop photography is an alternative way to take pictures of clothes for online stores. It?s so easy since you don?t need any mannequins or models. You just have to wear clothes and take shots. However, it will not be suitable for online stores. Flat mostly works for publishing on Instagram. If we talk about clothes like T-shirts, jackets, or shorts, they can also be suitable for e-commerce photography.

Tip 5. Try 360 costume photography

360 Apparel Product Photography displays an item that is completely rotating so that the client can see it in real life. This may seem like a daunting task but in reality, you can do it with specific gear. Remember that you should choose the right size to hold any human or pot.


Photography Turntable

This turntable simplifies the process of taking 360-degree costume photography. It is a 22 "rotation platform that manages up to 100 pounds. Control the turntable from the PC and monitor the object in real-time mode. Lighting You can adjust the light, scene, and position of any object.

Tip 6. Highlight unique features

When people browse online clothing stores they find an interesting item. They are more likely to focus on images featuring complex and unusual elements. When shooting a costume, it is the job of a shooter to emphasize such strange and detailed details so that it looks natural and consistent.

Tip 7. Pay attention to camera positioning

Before you start shooting, consider the location of your camera. It must be located in front of the captured piece of clothing. For example, if you are shooting a skirt, locate the camera across the hip area. When shooting the shirt, the camera must be placed in the chest area.

Tip 8. Do not use digital zoom

To take the whole frame of any clothing item, you may want to increase the zoom a, As a rule, the cameras feature a digital and optical zoom. Although zooming is known to eliminate distortion, one of the notable tips in costume photography is not to shoot with digital zoom. This will cut the image and eventually make its quality worse.

Tip 9. Remove price labels and stickers

Don?t hesitate to prepare clothing items and take the time before eCommerce product photography. Get rid of every sticker and price tag and thank you later. You can always remove these unnecessary elements at any image post-production stage.

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