Best clipping path service provider in Asia and Europe

Best clipping path service provider in Asia and Europe
03 Feb

Clipping path service is used when unpleasant photos require background removal. Photoshop's clipping path technique is the most common and creative way to remove the background from your photo. Create a vector shape outline around the image and cut out any unwanted objects. As a Clipping Path Service Provider Clipp Asia provides the best quality clipping path service globally. We follow the most unique strategy to separate any subject from the noisy background of the photo. You can read what are the advantages of a clipping path service for more clarification.

To give you maximum satisfaction, our experts use the Photoshop Pen tool. Only the pen tool offers 100% accuracy in this process. While there are other tools, they are not enough to give an accurate result. So, the Pen tool is our only weapon to provide perfect clipping path services.

Clipping Path service company helps online product companies, advertising agencies, and professional photographers with clipping path services. Eye-catching images increase sales and create brand value for the company. So, every e-commerce owner needs the help of a clipping path service provider to make their photo perfect.

In digital marketplaces, buyers mostly attract nice and eye-catching photos. So, before customers can see your photos, make them perfect through our best-quality clipping path service.

Clipping path service categories

Different types of products require a different type of clipping path. Our production team has split and we allocate according to their area of ?? expertise. For better understanding, we have divided our clipping path service into three categories.

Easy clipping path service

Products with simple curves and edges need the Easy Clipping Path service. The object in a photo that has simple holes like an egg, ball, ring, shirt, etc. requires the help of this service. In these products, we use a simple clipping path to remove the background. Easy Clipping Path is a Photoshop Clipping Path Service technique to make your noisy product eye-catching.

Usually, easy clipping path service costs less than medium and complex services. As a professional clipping path service provider, we provide the most effective easy clipping path service. Our method is a convenient and less time-consuming process. Get this service for your simple jewelry, vehicles, and single furniture. If you want a professional touch to your photos, Clipp Asia can provide the best service.

Medium clipping path service

The medium clipping path is a bit more complex service compared to the easy clipping path. Medium clipping path service is applied when a photo with hard edges needs background removal. Images with more complex objects and shapes require the help of a medium crop. The clipping path company's experts draw multiple clipping paths and anchor points for complex images. Such images also have greater curvature.

Figurines, shoes, and flowers are some examples of these classes. This type of image takes more time and skill to edit accurately. Therefore, the medium clipping path service is slightly higher than the easy clipping path. In addition, this kind of product has 5 to 10 edge paths which are difficult to make a clipping path. But we offer competitive prices as our experts can do medium clipping paths with super speed.

Advanced/complex clipping path service

Complex clipping paths include photos with various shapes, built-in transparencies, and shadows. This type of image needs to draw more paths and anchor points than the other two categories. Items such as light fixtures, furniture, chain links, hair, and plants are included in this category.

Removing unwanted backgrounds and objects from these images takes a lot of time and skill. As a result, the advance clipping path service costs more. Also, complex images have countless holes, many paths, and anchor points. Sometimes, one object requires so many separate clipping paths. So, they need a super complex technique or advanced clipping path.

Only expert clipping path service providers can provide advanced clipping path service. With long years of team experience, Clipp Asia can assure you the highest quality through advanced clipping path service.


Commercial transactions have changed shape to compete with the digital world. Almost all businesses are doing their business pretty much nowadays. Shoppers in digital marketplaces aren't able to touch your products until they buy them. So, they have to decide just by seeing the product whether they will buy it or not. In this case, having glossy, high-quality, eye-catching web-optimized images will make it easier for e-commerce business owners to increase sales.


Hiring an in-house graphic designer incurs additional costs. But if you work with a reputable clipping path company like Clipp Asia, you can save money and get more benefits. Some key benefits you will get by hiring a clipping path company are increased efficiency, convenience, and fast turnaround times. Also, you can focus on growing your business by getting our stress-free service. We are committed to providing you with the best clipping path service.


Photographs are the main attraction, especially for fashion products on the e-commerce platform. A successful online business depends a lot on the visual aesthetics of the products. So, having a clipping path expert and a graphic designer would be the best decision for entrepreneurs. An expert can present your photographs in a way that focuses on the product itself. So, you don't have to spend on mannequins or moved wallpaper to attract customers.


Many ambitious photographers damage their dream when they try to manage both photography and editing. But those who try to save their dream cannot concentrate on their business. As a professional photographer, it is not possible to maintain both photography and editing alone. Instead of harming passion, photographers want to go out and experience the best moments in life. Clipp Asia is a company that helps photographers make dynamic photos without harming their business.

Outsource clipping path services and grow your business.

Clients can focus on their passionate pursuits by outsourcing clipping path services. Therefore, they will have the ability to grow more businesses and more connections. While letting us take care of the photo editing, they can do the activities they signed up for. We care about our customers' business and success. That's why we offer an advanced-level clipping path service. By outsourcing our most advanced clipping path service, they can have higher production values and estimated profits.

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