Need Photoshop Services for your Photography project? Take Graphic Experts India as a standby partner near you. GEI provides photo editing services like clipping paths, background removal, masking, retouching, etc.


Clipping Path is the nucleus of image editing where the pen tool is used to trace a photo edge accurately. Moreover, photo masking helps to get the best results for soft-edged images.


No matter what your demand is, you will get the best deal. As we charge depending on the image complexity, quantity, and working time. We are committed to making your eCommerce product look amazing to attract customers.


To fulfill your image editing and retouching demands, we have a wide range of services. Thus, we are capable to fix any flaws of the images using Adobe Photoshop.


Remove Image Background in Photoshop

As an analysis, 76% of people remove the photo background and make it white and 16% make it transparent. Actually, background plays a vital role in increasing the image of beauty and representation. But a nice photo with a poor background can collapse everything. Thus, we offer background removal, changing or replacing services at an affordable price.


Remove background

The background removal service can be a game-changer for your business. This allows us to move or change the background of the image to a suitable location. Graphics expert India proposes to remove or swap the background of an image.


In addition, you can command to clear certain areas and delete objects. For eCommerce product image editing, we provide bulk cut-out images and transparent backgrounds.


The cutting process of this selection is done with the help of clipping paths and masking. Is the focus highlighted in the image or another object? You can count on our experts for high-quality professional work. Contact us today for an instant quote for this service.


Photoshop clipping path



Clipping Paths is a vector photo editing system that follows an outline. Other continuing parts have been removed from the image. Also, the background, objects, or any one of our clipping path services is at the top of the removal line.

We are experts who have perfected the art of removal and editing without leaving any trace. So present a clear, focused, and sharp figure. This service is especially for a photographer, graphic design agencies, e-commerce companies, etc.

We are drawing manual paths using the pen tool for the perfect selection of all image editing requirements. We provide quality service at low prices. Contact us today for an instant quote for this service.


Image masking service

The image masking service is a non-destructive photo editing process. It is useful when the pen tool is disproportionate. Our experts are highly trained for those skilled in image masking.

We use the background eraser to select complex subjects in an image. Pictures of tender age such as fur, muslin. As well as transparent things like glass bottles and complex things like hair or trees.


We use different techniques for masking images. Such as transparency masking, transparent image masking, etc.

Contact us today for an instant quote for this service.


Ghost Menken or Image Neck Joint Service

Ghost Mannequin is a useful Photoshop service for the clothing industry. It was originally designed to remove dummies for photographing fabrics.

Photographers take 02 pictures of a piece of clothing that you wear or a doll. Another part of the neckline of the main and size labeled garments. Then our renewers removed the standard and mixed 02 images in one image.


As a finishing touch, apply Basic Reconstruction, create shadows and fix light and color. You can use this service for sweaters, shirts, jeans, blouses, blazers, caps, etc.

For example, the garment industry may benefit even more from neck joint services.


Creating shadow effects

Shadow is a natural part of an object. For eCommerce product images, creating shadows adds benefits and further increases sales.

We know very well how to add Photoshop shadows to product images. Drop Shadow Photoshop is especially important to encourage the market.


Our expert editors use natural, drop or cast shadow effects to create different dimensions. Which brings a new life to the images.


Color fix / Color correction

Color correction or grading involves advanced photo editing techniques. This service is the process of capturing true color in a photo. Its goal is to maintain the balance of an image even after extensive changes. We at GEI primarily focus on light and colorful setups of photographs to provide a perfect image.

Color corrections keep a set of images with the same theme and also release unwanted color tones. We also focus on dominant parameters, prominent colors, toning colors, and shades. We keep the adjustments simple by observing the color balance as well.


Photo recovery/ Photo Restoration

Photo recovery services repair damaged images to restore old memories. Scan or copy a copy of the damaged image and send us the soft copy. Our professional retoucher will take care of it. Using Photoshop we will fix weak contrast, light, color, or exposure. Remove, replace or recreate the background or nozzle.


In addition, clean-up dust, spots, scratches, or blemishes can harden, crop, or resize the image to restore it. Even sometimes, we need to create/replicate a special part of the damaged image. We are the best choice for retrieving your digital photos.


High-end photo reconstruction

Photo Recovery is a magical service. It makes your photo perfect. Even a dull image can transform into a masterpiece. Also useful for glamor retouching or digital makeover portraits or fashion images.


All GEI Photoshopers are well experienced and equipped with the latest tools. They can remove dust, red-eyes, wrinkles, blemishes, acne, etc., and create impressive images.


Get the best possible image from your existing photograph. Remove any imperfections from the fashion or eCommerce image. Contact us for photography reconstruction services.


Jewelry Reconstruction

Jewelry Reconstruction Services creates attractive jewelry images for customers. Editing jewelry images is the hardest job.


Specialist jewelry editors at GEI clean up dust, jets, scratches, or stains. Furthermore, remove the background, whiten it and create a shade for its perfection. It makes the stones brighter and raises keystones to represent true beauty.

The use of our Photoshop commands is natural and without ‘overridden’. Jewelry images require a perfect color and lighting combination to attract the customer’s attention


ECommerce photo editing

Maintaining an eCommerce product photography environment is very difficult. Some photo processing needs to increase. We specialize in photo optimization for eCommerce platforms. ECommerce photo editing product images, fashion items, electronic devices or any,

We always follow the e-commerce image guidelines. Our expert photo editor removes the background, makes it white, and adds shadows. Fix weak color and light, clean of dust, scratches, or fingerprints. As a rule, crop and resize images.


For perfect presentation in the web-store, we align, crop, resize and strengthen it. For any e-business that needs image editing, Graphic Expert India will be your one-stop-shop.