Transparent products such as glasses, bottles, glass jars, pure water, and lenses need masking to remove backgrounds. In terms of visibility and transparency, materials make the difference between transparent and translucent subjects.

Transparent materials require the partial light formation and partial imagery. Image masking provides a flawless background removal for transparent and landscape product images.

Masking photoshop service is such an ingenious way of image manipulation using the Photoshop Pen Tool.


The key services of image masking are:


Layer Masking

Clipping Mask

Masking Alpha Channel

Transparent Object Masking

Let me precisely describe those for you.


Layer masking is a remarkable way to hide or reveal a certain portion of the image. A skilled artist applies this technique in such a way by using Photoshop selection or painting tools.

Clipping Mask is a set of layers to apply for a mask. This is such a technique that makes the areas noticeable when keeping in an itemized shape.

Masking Alpha Channel is a process applied for converging one of the pixel’s colors with another one. It allows defining the resulting color important for animation allowing to create of rectangular shapes that seem irregular.

Transparent Object Masking involves masking by detaching the entire background from the image. Then an expert with sound knowledge changes the photo with a new background. Thus, it gives a translucent or transparent look with visible color.

Besides all those, fur and hair masking in Photoshop, masking color, and vector mask in Photoshop are notable.


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