Jewelry photography is one of the most difficult product photography styles. If you want to get luxurious jewelry images for your catalog that is easy to recreate, you need to know some details and shooting techniques. So, let’s find out what jewelry photography tips should be followed to take mind-blowing photographs while sitting at home.







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How to photograph jewelry - rings

Rings are one of the most sought-after items on your homepage because you can use them to get the most out of your jewelry. I will give you some ideas on how to successfully do jewelry photography.



Tip: Use lots of light to draw gold on a white background


This is the shooting of classic jewelry photography you need a few pictures of your ring with different fingers and with different focal states to create a vague effect to get soft images. Be sure to take a few pictures so that your ring is in full focus. This will help remove the white background of jewelry photography and place your ring in an authentic white one. (If some part is out of focus, it is more difficult to do).


As you can see, a photo with a blurred background is very suitable for wedding photos, for example, rings on the background of the wedding table.


Tip: Raise ISO settings when you're shooting on a black background

Gold on a black background looks especially beautiful, these colors are very obvious in dark environments but increase to ISO 400 and above and turn on the brightest light. If the pictures get too dark, I suggest lighting a few lamps in your lightbox.


Tip: Do not place a holding wax in the background - use a napkin

This is one of the most useful props found in the Jewelry Photography Kit from MyStudio. The first thing you need to do is place a piece of napkin or paper under this cube of wax for jewelry photography as it covers all parts of the surface on which the wax stands and then holds everything in it.



Then simply insert your ring into it and select the required angle. Do not be afraid to cover it with wax, it can be easily removed. If you use wax, you need to remove the photos


Tip: A black acrylic panel reflects gold more than silver

Achieving a good image on a white panel is very difficult, as most of the image is illuminated. The arc rings will reflect more strongly, the gold ones will be worse, but you can reinforce this effect by reconstructing a good image. The key is to make sure that your LED lights for jewelry photography or lamps are not reflected above the surface.



It’s easier to work with black surface reflections, the colors are very juicy, and the image looks expensive.


Note: Use only a white acrylic panel on a white background. The main thing is that this panel should be well cleaned, as it is very marked and no-touch marks can be visible.


Tip: Use extra light even if you use a lightbox for shooting under the velvet


I use a suede surface to photograph the necklace to give it some texture. The problem with this surface is that it absorbs light and even at 800 ISO the image has a very dark region. Here's my advice on how to photograph jewelry in the lightbox, try putting another lamp inside, and creating a dozen experimental images. It will be difficult and time-consuming, but with such a complex backdrop for jewelry product photography, you will also get the desired results.


Tip: Mind color scheme according to your jewelry


Tip: Use a clean cloth and iron before taking pictures

This is one of the most interesting and creative jewelry photography ideas. You can use a variety of fabrics, textures, and colors. I use a red cotton cloth. Its gold ring looks particularly contrasting and affectionate, and the fabric itself resembles rose petals. You can also use satin fabric but be careful, it has glitter. Try this because the texture of the fabric in the photo looks very smooth without unnecessary threads.


Tip: Use sharp photographs to recreate accurate photos


After taking pictures with a good lens and proper lighting, you insert your memory card into the computer and see that most of your photos look dark, and the background is gray rather than white. Don’t worry, this is a regular situation in jewelry photography. Most of my RAW images with Focus object look exactly like this but it improves when the image is rebuilt. It’s basically similar to rebuilding the rest of the jewelry photos, but some points still need to be pronounced. Removing the wax jewelry photography stand was our most difficult task.