We offer an array of photo editing services, among others, from dust removal to background removal. See our services:


Clean of dust and scratches

Dust is everywhere and scratches can appear on just about anything, even brand-new products. This slight imperfection can negatively affect the advertising potential of your photos. As a jewelry repair provider, we can remove these minor flaws so that your jewellery looks flawless in photos.


Reflection removal

Jewelry gems and metals can get unwanted reflections. With jewelry retailers, this is no problem; We pierce over every inch of your photo and we will delete any image we aim at. In the end, you can be sure that the only illumination in the picture is the lustre of the gems.



Diamond and gem polish

The way the diamonds shine is truly unique: they have an inner sparkle that is gray and white and light when they are closed, they reflect rainbow light on other surfaces. Trying to capture this natural brightness in a photo is complicated and only a professional jewelry retrieval company such as Jewelry Rituals can bring back any compromised brightness in the photoshoot. In addition to diamonds, we edit any other precious or semi-precious gems to ensure beauty and brilliance.



Jewelry Shadow Creation

Shades can add depth to your jewellery photo and make your brooch or bangle stand out from the background. Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom experts like to put believable shadows under jewelry, like jewelry retouchers. We can add different shades to your image, such as:


Natural Shades - Look like the normal shade of your jewelry.

Image Shade - It looks like your jewelry was placed like a mirror on a reflective surface.

Leave the shadows - your jewellery seems to be floating.

These three types of shadows make your two-dimensional photo look three-dimensional. The rings and earrings in your photos must pop with the shades below. Trust us to create perfectly balanced shades for your jewellery piece.

Jewelry color correction and editing

Less than ideal illumination makes your jewelry look dull in photos. As a jewellery retailer, jewelry retailers find that your necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches shine and shine in real life just like photos. Also, you can trust us to consult with you on every step of recreating the exact colour, shade and brightness of the jewelry in the photo.



Gold and silver recovery

Most online jewelry shops offer customized and bespoke designs and shapes for the jewelry they carry. Not often, they have the same type of jewelry but in different metals. Using Adobe Photoshop, we can convert photos of jewelry made of white gold metal to silver jewelry, rose gold, platinum, gold plated or 24-carat gold metal and vice versa. That way, you don't have to take photos of every change in the piece to additionally, we have the skills and experience to easily adjust the metallic colors throughout the collection.



Clean and remove the background

To fully present the beauty of jewelry, most online jewelry stores rely on stands or some other form of support. Jewelry pieces such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings are usually generated from the back stand or any other height.


As an expert jewelry reconstruction supplier, we can distinguish the piece from the background. We will delete and edit any unwanted items and backgrounds so that the jewellery is presented as if it were standing up without any support.



The metal is being re-shined

The metallic part of the jewelry reflects and can mirror unwanted images like the photographer or the background. Due to the reflections, the surfaces of the piece may not look as shiny and smooth as you would like. Fortunately, we can manually restore the metallic image through it. This will restore the metal to its natural texture and make it shiny.



Take a look at our process

There are only five steps involved in our flowing process. These five steps allow us to edit your jewelry photographs accurately and efficiently so that they show you the way they want - and the way they should.


To clean the dust

The first step in our process is to clean the dust and scratches from the jewelry in the photograph. These small flaws can greatly affect the way the jewellery looks, so this part is crucial for the overall quality of the image.



Base level adjustment

After clearing the bugs in the photos, the second step is to make some adjustments in the Adobe Photoshop settings as needed. In it we can twink the curve, the layer, the hue, the saturation and the selective colour. These efforts enhance the beauty of gemstones and metals without compromising the integrity of the image.


Digital masking

The third step is known as digital masking. In this step, we examine what can be enhanced by further illuminating the cut of the gem or by painting over the image.


The final adjustment

The last step in our process is to verify our work and make some final adjustments. Then, when we are sure that our work is finished, we will show it to you for feedback.


We aim to satisfy you; So, if you have any comments, feedback or anything you want to change, we will fix these issues immediately.